OpenFashion SHIN JIDAI Community

With the advent of generative AI, creators are entering a new era.We may see a huge shift from consumers to creators around the world in the future.OpenFashion SHIN JIDAI is a global community service specialized in the field of fashion that is focused on this new era.

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What is OpenFashion SHIN JIDAI Community?

OpenFashion aims to create a new creative flow in fashion together with the community by providing various tools.

What kind of tools are there?

As an AI fashion brand and open-source brand, Accelerando aims to promote unrestricted collaboration by publishing 3DCG/3DCAD data.

MaisonAI plans to offer tools that can strongly assist various professions in the fashion industry with text and image generation.

What are the benefits of becoming a member?

Members can access exclusive articles and discounts on paid tools that are only available to community members, as well as early access to new features.

Will there be more tools in the future?

OpenFashion plans to release multiple innovative and groundbreaking services and tools in the future.