3D CG Production: [ZEPETO: January Release Items] White magic bag

3D CG Production: [ZEPETO: January Release Items] White magic bag


Recently, we launched a new item on Zepeto through accelerando.

Here is the item ↓

Handbag: White magic bag

This time, we will delve into the creation process of the handbag.


This piece was selected as the first-place winner in the accelerando.Ai CONTEST #5 -Coordinated Bag-.

The bag’s design features glowing elements unified by blue neon lines. Its shape incorporates both straight and rounded parts, with a notably large handle. The design was carefully considered to complement either wear.

Design Proposal

Based on the image, we decided on the design.
Initially, we debated between a handbag and a shoulder bag.
After creating a simple model for verification, we chose to proceed with a handbag due to the significant impact of the handle's design.


Since the bag's design is symmetrical, we created half of it and then used mirroring. The detail parts were initially crafted in simple shapes and refined with adjustments to the textures and contours.

Here is the final model.


There are three main types of materials used:
The bag's surface features an Iridescent shader, and the blue light parts are applied with Emission.

ZEPETO Handbag Configuration

To release a handbag on ZEPETO, the model must integrate the avatar's hand with the bag.
We used bones to create a model of the hand holding the bag, ensuring the wrist would move realistically with the hand animation.

This is how it looks when added to a ZEPETO avatar.


Creating a handbag item for ZEPETO was a first-time endeavor.
We had to reduce the polygon count significantly to stay within the limit for both the wrist and the bag. Additionally, we adjusted the material's brightness and other aspects to ensure it matched the wear items.
We look forward to releasing more new items in the future. Please stay tuned!


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