MaisonAI: AI Beginners Take On the Dance Costume Creation Project Using the 'Store'

MaisonAI: AI Beginners Take On the Dance Costume Creation Project Using the 'Store'

Hello, I'm Yuya.

This time, I'd like to use MaisonAI's new "Store" feature to create a dance costume concept.

I'm a complete beginner who, until recently, never used AI, so I think this content will be easy to understand for those who are just starting to use AI!

The Appeal of the "Store"

The Store feature added to MaisonAI on February 14th offers 60 types of prompts (instructions to AI) for general tasks, fashion-specific tasks, and image generation, all available for free across three categories.
This significantly reduces the time it takes to get used to generating prompts.

60 types of prompts (instructions to AI) are all free! The new feature of the AI utilization support tool "Maison AI" accelerates AI utilization in the fashion industry - now also supports multiple languages including English and Korean.
*written in Japnanese

Creating a Dance Costume Concept

I've been dancing since my student days and continue to do so as a hobby.

For occasions like performances, in addition to choreography, a recurring theme and challenge is deciding on the "costume concept" – what style to choose, what colors to use, etc.

Since I usually don't pay much attention to clothing, I always struggle and spend a lot of time on this part.

That's why I thought it might be good to use Maison AI to brainstorm, leading to this challenge.


Actually Creating

Creating an AI Agent in the Store

Firstly, I searched the fashion section of the store for items that could help with creation.

For this task, I decided to use the "Styling Image Prompt Engineer" found in the fashion section.

The "Styling Image Prompt Engineer" seems to be an AI agent that creates prompts for fashion images.

Just clicking 'create' easily made an AI agent.

Creating my own AI agent seemed daunting and time-consuming, so this was a much easier option.

Using the Created AI Agent

I immediately used the created "Styling Image Prompt Engineer" to proceed with prompt creation.

First, I input what I want to do.

It then asked me more detailed questions to refine my concept.


These questions were helpful in clarifying my own image, which I appreciated.
I answer the questions.

Here's the prompt I received:

Create a lively and cool hip-hop dance costume for a group of dynamic 20-somethings, male and female in equal ratio, for a showcase event in a club where the stage fits up to 8 dancers. The costume concept should embrace warm color palettes, possibly incorporating shades of orange, yellow, and red, to exude energy and coolness. Outfits should feature loose silhouettes that allow freedom of movement, essential for hip-hop dance, and include a variety of headwear options like knit caps, baseball caps, and bucket hats to add individuality and style. Accessories should be minimal to keep the focus on the costumes and the dancers' movements. Footwear could consist of stylish yet practical sneakers that compliment the overall warm-toned, energetic theme. The final look should embody the spirit of a lively and cool hip-hop track, making the dancers feel confident and the audience energized.

It took about 30 minutes to get to this point!
I couldn't have written such a long and detailed prompt myself, so it was very helpful.

Generating the Image

Next, using the created prompt in "Image Generate," let's create the actual image!

Here's the image:

While the proportions of the people are a bit off, the image is pretty much what I envisioned!
However, the image turned out a bit too bright for my taste, so I want to adjust it to a more subdued color. I changed a part of the prompt.

Before the change:
possibly incorporating shades of orange, yellow, and red, to exude energy and coolness.
possibly incorporating shades of dark color, to exude energy and coolness.

Here's the image after the change:

I was able to slightly darken the color, making it closer to my image!
This way, we can achieve unity as a dance team while allowing for individual expression.

Finally, I'll also create the earlier mentioned illustrations, but since they are in an illustrative style, I want to make sure I also produce something that looks like actual people wearing the costumes.

I managed to do this by not changing the prompt but by selecting "Photographic" for the "Image Style."

Indeed, this approach makes the concept much clearer.
I plan to share both the illustrative and photographic versions with the dancers to help them grasp the concept.


This time, I created a dance costume concept using the Store feature of Maison AI.

From ideation to final images, it took less than an hour. Usually, it would take 3-4 hours or more because I would have to search and compile from various sources.

Since it's just a concept for everyone to get an idea, I think what I've come up with is sufficient.

Although the application might be different, I realized that this tool could also be useful privately!

Stay tuned for the next one.

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