[Easy on Your Smartphone] How to Create ZEPETO Items with Maison AI

[Easy on Your Smartphone] How to Create ZEPETO Items with Maison AI

I'm Sasaki, in charge of ZEPETO operations at accelerando.Ai .

This time, I'll introduce how to create original ZEPETO items using the generative AI "Maison AI" provided by OpenFashion.

If you've ever thought, "I want to sell my items on ZEPETO," or "I'm interested in metaverse fashion," consider this your first step into trying it out.

Please Note

In this method, since we're using ZEPETO's item templates, you can't change the shape or add anything extra.

The focus is purely on creating original textiles.

Creating 3D CG Costumes with Print Designs Generated by Midjourney

For reference, here's a blog previously written by our CG team member.

It uses Midjourney for image generation and CLO for creating clothes, not ZEPETO, but the content is closely related, so we thought to share it.


General Procedure

  • Generate images with Maison AI
  • Reduce image size
  • Use ZEPETO's template to upload the image
  • Submit for review and you're done

The photo above is an example of the items you can create this time, with patterns made using Maison AI's image generation feature.


"ZEPETO" is a social app that lets users easily generate 3D avatars from their photos, enjoy makeovers, dressing up, and communicate in a virtual space.

Since its release, it has been rapidly growing its user base, surpassing 460 million users worldwide as of March 2024.

Generating Images with Maison AI


Maison AIには「画像ジェネレート」という画像生成機能があります。

Maison AI features an "Image Generate" function to create patterns.

(This blog uses Maison AI on a PC, but it's equally usable on smartphones.)

Creating a Prompt

First, log into Maison AI and create a prompt. If you already have an English prompt ready, feel free to skip this step.

Click on "AI Chat" and input the prompt you wish to translate into English.


Generating Images

After getting your translated prompt, copy it and click on "Image Generate."

Paste your translated prompt into the "Prompt" field and click "Run." 

Keep the "Image Size" at "1024×1024."

If you're pleased with the generated image, hover over it and click "Enlarge Display," then "Download Image."

That concludes the first stage.

Save the downloaded image to your phone's photo folder.


Reducing Image Size

Next, you need to adjust the generated image before uploading it to ZEPETO, as there's a limit to the image size you can upload.

Maison AI generates images at "1024×1024," but you'll need to resize it to "512×512."

Ways to Reduce Image Size:

1.Using an app.

Photo & Picture Resizer - available on Google Play

This app allows resizing in four units: pixels, millimeters, centimeters, and inches. After installing the app mentioned above, please resize the image to 512×512.

2.For iPhone users, the "Shortcuts" app can also resize images conveniently. 

Uploading Images to ZEPETO

Now, open ZEPETO and upload your image. 

  • The upload procedure is straightforward:

Open ZEPETO and tap the settings mark in the top right of your profile

Tap "Become a Creator."

Choose the item template you want to create from.
In this case, we chose a hoodie.

Select "Edit" -> "Upload" and choose the image you created.

Adjust texture, select "Next."

Fill in the item details like "Item Name," "Category," "Price," etc., and tap "Submit."

  • After submitting, your item will go through a review process.


Once approved, you can start selling your item on ZEPETO.

Let's Add a Logo to the Chest

So far, we have focused on creating patterns, but next, I want to try adding a logo as well.

Creating a Logo

First, let's create a logo.


We'll use the "Store" function of Maison AI for this.
Click on "Store" from the left sidebar and then click "Generate Image" for "Logo Design."

Based on the prompt already provided, we'll make modifications. This time, I created a logo featuring a black bird.

Make the background transparent in Photoshop. (Please use your preferred method for making the background transparent.)

Downloading the Template

Next, let's prepare the item template. Please log in to ZEPETO.

Tap "Become a Creator" in the settings of ZEPETO, and select the item you want to create. (Follow the same steps as when you uploaded the textile.)

Then, from "Edit," tap "Download Template."

Editing the Image

Now that the template is saved in your photo folder, use it to edit the image.

You can use any image editing app you're comfortable with. For this example, I'll be using Illustrator.

Position the logo according to the downloaded template.

This time, I placed the logo on the pocket part.

Then, position the textile pattern.

I increased the transparency of the logo to make it more visible.

Uploading the Image

Next, upload the edited image to ZEPETO.

The procedure is the same as mentioned above.


In this post, we've introduced an easy way to create items for ZEPETO.

Even for those who say, "I want to make clothes for ZEPETO but don't have the skills..!", using the image generation function of Maison AI, you can easily create items by just resizing images.

Furthermore, using software like Illustrator, you can create clothing closer to your ideal patterns.

I hope this item creation process serves as your first step into the world of virtual fashion.


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