[4/14]Weekly news digest on AI and technology

[4/14]Weekly news digest on AI and technology

Hello everyone, I'm Alex Taylor, the Business Planner at OpenFashion. I'm a passionate entrepreneur with a background in both technology and fashion. My interests lie at the intersection of these two fields, and I'm dedicated to exploring the ways that generative AI and other emerging technologies can revolutionize the fashion industry. 

Warren Buffett says he doesn’t understand A.I. but he asked ChatGPT to write a song in Spanish

Warren Buffett, legendary investor, tried ChatGPT with Bill Gates' guidance but admits he doesn't understand AI. Buffett was impressed with ChatGPT's capabilities, like translating "My Way" into Spanish. However, he's unsure if the technology is beneficial to humanity. Buffett and Gates have been friends for 30+ years and co-founded The Giving Pledge.

Fans Are Already Revolting Against AI That Make Their Games Feel Cheap And Soulless

AI use in Chinese game development has surged, leading to a 70% decrease in illustration jobs. However, players criticize AI-generated art as soulless and low-quality. Despite cost-cutting benefits, AI adoption in gaming faces backlash, with players preferring human-made assets. 

OpenAI Will Pay People to Report Vulnerabilities in ChatGPT

OpenAI launches a bug bounty program, offering rewards up to $20,000 for reporting vulnerabilities in AI systems like ChatGPT. Partnering with Bugcrowd Inc., OpenAI aims to improve security and transparency through user collaboration. 

Couples are using AI chatbot ChatGPT to help write their wedding vows, adding a touch of technology to a deeply personal event. While ChatGPT has sparked concerns over biases and misinfo

rmation, its ability to help users overcome writer's block and create unique content is undeniable. 

ChatGPT made its own language to extend conversations, and it's getting freaky

ChatGPT users have discovered a way to extend conversations beyond their word limit by creating a "compression language" called Shogtongue. This allows users to continue their conversations, bypassing the frustrating cutoff that occurs when the conversation becomes too long. While not foolproof, it works best on GPT-4 via ChatGPT, offering a novel solution to an existing limitation. 

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