A Collection of AI-Generated Artworks: Introducing the Charm of Design Prompt Books #1-3

A Collection of AI-Generated Artworks: Introducing the Charm of Design Prompt Books #1-3


Hello! This is Nagashima from the CG team.

We have a team called "creative" in our company. They are responsible for anything related to the design of our company's website, such as "What should we do with the design of the homepage?" or "We would like to create a promotional video" and "Please also create business cards." The team consists of UI&UX designers and CG designers.

Although my usual role is in the Project Management Office (PMO), I am also a member of the creative team. In that team, we use AI to generate images and compile the resulting design images into a Design Prompt Book.

This time, in conjunction with the press release of "Design Prompt Book #3" on September 8, 2023, I would like to introduce all the prompt books from #1 to #3 at once!


What is a Design Prompt Book?

A Design Prompt Book (hereinafter referred to as the Prompt Book) is a design book that combines works created by AI image generation, which is a focus of OpenFashion, into a single PDF. The characteristic is that it includes prompts when generating AI images. This is what sets it apart from a typical design book.

The reason for combining images and prompts is that when people see the Prompt Book, they can copy the prompts and try image generation using the AI image generation software, Midjourney.


Introducing the Prompt Books

The catalyst for creating the Prompt Book was the event "Generative AI and the Future of Fashion #1," which was held on May 25, 2023, and focused on "Fashion x Cutting-edge Technology." (For more details about the event, please refer to this report.)

As part of the plan to give the event participants the Prompt Book as a souvenir, we decided to create "Design Prompt Book #1."

The Prompt Books that I will introduce from now on can be downloaded as PDF files by clicking on the respective links. I encourage you all to try image generation by referring to the prompts!

You can view Prompt Book #1 to #3 here.
Please refer to the PDF of each Prompt Book.

💡Introduction to "Design Prompt Book #1"

This is the first prompt book.

The production team consisted of myself and two other members. While selecting works generated by AI, we considered the structure and design of the book. After the final check by a UI&UX designer and some fine-tuning, we completed it.

In this book, we have compiled and introduced approximately 50 works generated by AI in the theme of "Democratization of Fashion Design" along with the names of the designers and prompts.

💡Introduction to "Design Prompt Book #2"

This is the second prompt book.

This second edition features shoe designs that were born from the first public call for entries. The theme of the works is "Create shoe designs that go well with the black attire featured on the cover."

In this book, we introduce a total of 45 shoe designs along with the names of the designers and prompts.

The design selected as the first place winner has been produced as a ZEPETO item and is currently available for sale on ZEPETO! (You can check out the article about shoe production here)

💡Introduction to "Design Prompt Book #3"

This is the third prompt book.

This prompt book is scheduled for release on September 8, 2023!

As part of a lecture at an international fashion professional college, the students designed bags in line with the concept of our brand, accelerando.Ai.

In addition to the images generated by AI using Midjourney, the names of the designers, and the prompts, we also included the concepts on the project pages this time.

You can see the scenes from the university lecture here.

Despite many students using AI image generation software (Midjourney) for the first time, they created amazing works with their unique worldviews. It has become a design book where you can feel the power of the students.



Did you enjoy looking at "Design Prompt Book #1" to "Design Prompt Book #3"? I hope this prompt book inspires you to try image generation using the AI image generation software (Midjourney) even just a little!

Next, we have plans to create "Design Prompt Book #4" featuring T-shirt print design images.

Stay tuned for the next one!!

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