AI Creates a New Runway: The 1st AI Fashion Week

AI Creates a New Runway: The 1st AI Fashion Week

On April 20-21, 2023, the world's first AI Fashion Week was held in New York.


When we think of fashion week, we imagine models showcasing the latest designs from fashion designers. However, AI Fashion Week went beyond the traditional framework and staged a fashion show based on images generated by generative AI. This innovative event was conducted as a competition open to everyone, from top designers to beginners.

The creation of AI Fashion Week is a cutting-edge initiative that not only breaks new ground in the fashion industry but also breathes fresh air into it. So, how exactly did this unique event proceed?

AI Fashion Week was organized by Cyril Foiret, the founder of Maison Meta. Under his direction, a room at Spring Studios in New York was decorated with 24 screens, each displaying a "runway" image created by different imaging software. These images adorning the venue may appear like ordinary catwalks at first glance, but in reality, they are a new world of fashion created by AI.

A notable feature of AI Fashion Week was the new competition open to the public. The purpose of this competition was to discover new talent and encourage daring attempts through the creation of AI-generated collections.

The ultimate goal was to select three outstanding works from the top 10 collections after expert panel review, and then manufacture and sell them. Judges included industry experts such as Tiffany Godoy, editor-in-chief of Vogue Japan, and Erika Wykes-Sneyd of Adidas Studio Web3.

Designers from diverse backgrounds around the world gathered for this event, and 130 works were selected and officially exhibited. Participants included consultants, graphic designers, and art directors, each incorporating their unique aesthetics and ideas into AI-generated collections. They not only created runway images but also street style and backstage works, more fully expressing their vision.

Cyril Foiret, the organizer of AI Fashion Week, stated, "Everyone in the fashion industry will eventually incorporate AI into their workflow in some form. The goal of AI Fashion Week is not only to bridge the gap between the new challenge of adopting AI technology and the current fashion industry but also to create 'Vogue-quality results'."

AI Fashion Week is not just a new exhibition space for fashion but also a new stage where AI and human creativity merge. This was an excellent opportunity to explore how AI technology can impact and evolve the fashion industry.

Thanks to AI Fashion Week, designers learned how to leverage generative AI to create unique visual experiences and share their ideas with the world. By utilizing generative AI, designers are expressing fashion in unprecedented ways and embodying their vision through it.

AI Fashion Week has just begun, and its potential is limitless. This event will serve as a platform for designers and creators to continue exploring new possibilities in fashion using generative AI as a new tool. We believe that the changes and dynamism generative AI brings to the world will be a significant driving force for the entire fashion industry to evolve towards the future.

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