Create 3D Models from AI-Generated Images with Kaedim: From 2D to 3D

Create 3D Models from AI-Generated Images with Kaedim: From 2D to 3D

What is Kaedim?

Kaedim is a service that generates 3D models from images. It has been a topic of discussion on social media, so we gave it a try.

We have uploaded the 3D model generated this time to Sketchfab, so if you are interested, please take a look ☺

Trying out Kaedim

This time, we will generate models in High and Ultra settings from a single image and compare them.

Kaedim offers three generation methods, and we will compare the two methods with higher detail reproduction.

First, here is the input image. This image was generated by Midjourney.


The generation time was about 2 hours.

Although the details are quite simplified, the overall result is close to the input image.


The generation time was several hours.

Compared to High, much more detail was reflected in the model.

Comparison between High and Ultra

We downloaded the OBJ file, imported it into Blender, and captured images from all six directions.

The left image is generated in High, and the right image is generated in Ultra.

There is almost no change in the mesh, and it seems that only the details have been added.

Perhaps because only one image was input this time, the Ultra model has a very high reproduction rate when viewed from the front, but there does not seem to be much difference when viewed from other angles.

We felt that the atmosphere would change if we could input images from other angles.

Additional Notes

One thing we noticed while trying this out is that you can specify the height in centimeters when generating the model, but when we opened the OBJ file in Blender, it was 1/10th of the specified size. It was quite small.

Specified: 30cm → Actual: 0.3cm


Kaedim is a service that generates 3D models from images. From the experience using the service, we were surprised at how quickly the models were generated.

Normally, creating 3D models requires detailed, manual design work, but with Kaedim, models can be created easily by simply uploading an image. Although the results are not perfect, it is impressive that the models can be created to this extent. The generated models have a realistic appearance and can reproduce relatively smooth curves.

Also, we hope that a notification feature will be added in the future. If notifications are sent when the model generation is complete, it would greatly improve work efficiency.

Kaedim is still a new service, but we look forward to future improvements.


We added color to the model generated in Ultra ☺

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