【For Beginners!】Take on the AI Fashion Challenge

【For Beginners!】Take on the AI Fashion Challenge

The AI Fashion Challenge deadline is approaching!

Have you already participated? Or maybe you're interested, but think you can't create something because you don't have any specialized experience?

The reason I decided to write this article is that even if you're a beginner without any specialized knowledge or experience in the apparel industry, I want you to take on the AI Fashion Challenge if you're interested!

I'd be happy if this article could be the first step for those who want to try creating with Midjourney or have never designed fashion before.

So, in this article, I will introduce the first steps of the production process that even non-fashion designers who are not familiar with the apparel industry can easily create.

▼ What I tried

① Use abstract expressions

"Voluminous skirt", "translucent fabric"

Even if you don't know the names of materials or silhouettes, you can start by inputting the characteristics of the silhouette or fabric.

② Use motifs

"Cherry blossoms", "flowers and butterflies", "kaleidoscope", "geometric patterns"

Choosing motifs that are easy to imagine, like cherry blossoms, or those that are more unpredictable, like kaleidoscopes, can be interesting.

③ Use atmosphere

"Feminine", "gorgeous", "luxurious", "art"

Decide the style of clothing. Gorgeous art, for example, can become a hint for creating a piece as you make several.

④ Add situations

"Fashion show", "promotion CG", "display"

While it may not be directly related to the clothing itself, this is crucial information to highlight the clothes.

▼ Here are the works created based on the above


  • 1st Prompt: High fashion fashion show. I made a lot of triangles. A female model wearing an art work style dress. Fantastic CG. --v 5
  • 2nd Prompt: Translucent fabric, kaleidoscope motif, feminine, pretty colors, high fashion, fashion show --v 5
  • 3rd Prompt: A CG image of a feminine, gorgeous, and luxurious mini dress with a cherry blossom motif is on display. --v 5

The AI Fashion Challenge using Midjourney is a fun contest that allows even those who are not very knowledgeable about fashion to participate and create the image they envision.

Furthermore, by leaving it up to AI, you may be able to approach your image in a different way and discover new ideas that you might not have noticed on your own.

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