Innovative Work Styles Forged by AI

Innovative Work Styles Forged by AI

At present, our company is advancing the development of Maison AI, a 'ChatGPT tailored for teams'. (Eventually, it will also include image generation functionality.)

In this article, I would like to explore the value that GAI like ChatGPT brings, and how we can link these values to value creation in Maison AI.


Immediate and superficial value

- Reduction of repetitive work: Lessens the load of repetitive tasks

- Facilitating complex problem-solving processes: Acts as a catalyst to support the discovery of new perspectives

- Compensating for skill gaps: Broadens the range of tasks you can perform within your skillset


Delayed and experiential value

- New perspectives: Provides new perspectives and ideas that you wouldn't come up with on your own

- Skill improvement: Using AI provides opportunities to acquire new skillsets and knowledge

- Concentration on advanced tasks: Workers can focus more on creative tasks and advanced problem-solving

In addition to these values provided by AI, let's look at the unique added value that Maison AI can provide.

Unique value that Maison AI can provide

- History / Collaboration and skill-up realization

When using Maison AI within a project team, all members who are working towards a common goal with different skills can view the usage history of each other's generative AI.
This feature allows members to check how others have set prompts for the AI and what output they have received.
This enables the absorption of others' expertise, enhancing one's own skillset.

- Template / Efficiency and strengthening team consistency

With Maison AI, you can save frequently used prompts as templates or AI agents.

This allows you to use them immediately when needed and enables team members to utilize the same prompts to harness AI.
This function not only increases work efficiency but also maintains consistency within the team.


■ Actual examples of trial implementation of Maison AI

Our company has already started the trial implementation of AI agents.

We created an agent that generates prompts for image creation, made it available to team members, and found that based on

- Concept
- Brand image
- Image rules

everyone was able to consistently produce prompts for high-quality image creation.

The details of this will be introduced in another article.


Moving forward, Maison AI aims to be a tool that creates new value in work through GAI and a tool that realizes high-quality output and efficiency in teamwork.

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