Integrating Midjourney and ChatGPT: Creating a Fictional Brand Using Lace Fabric

Integrating Midjourney and ChatGPT: Creating a Fictional Brand Using Lace Fabric


Hello, my name is Ushiyama from the OmnisCG team.

My background is in 3D CG, and I don't know much about apparel. Therefore, I never really thought deeply about how fashion brands are built.

Currently, our company is working on a project where designers create AI works along weekly themes using the AI tool "MidJourney".

This week's theme is as follows: "You are a fashion designer. You will create a group photo of members wearing the brand's clothes for PR of your newly launched brand through image generation"

In this article, I want to show you how I used ChatGPT and Midjourney to create images of a fashion brand without any knowledge of fashion.

Let's take a look at the process of what kind of questions to ask, what kind of answers to get back, what kind of images to generate as a result, and how I felt and decided when looking at it.

Production Process


Suddenly, I thought, lace fabric is for women, men don't wear it much, do they? I ask ChatGPT a question with a light heart.


Is lace material not suitable for men?


Lace material is often used for women's clothing and is generally considered not to be used much for men's clothing due to its delicate and feminine characteristics. However, fashion is a form of individual expression, and there is nothing to stop men from wearing lace.
In the fashion world, there has been a trend towards genderless fashion in recent years, and items that transcend traditional gender roles are attracting attention. This is expanding the space for men to wear clothes made of lace and other materials traditionally considered "for women".

Interesting. It seems like an interesting attempt for a new fashion brand.

What is a Manly Lace?


What elements should I add if I want to make an apparel with lace material for men, not neutral but manly?


In order to create a manly style while using lace material, you might consider the following elements:
  1. Color: Choosing dark or neutral colored lace can create a more manly atmosphere. Black, gray, deep navy blue are options.
  2. Cut and silhouette: Even with lace material, choosing a square cut or straight-line design can enhance a masculine impression. Also, choosing oversized items can be a way to balance the delicacy of lace with a casual and masculine style.
  3. Layering: By layering lace items with other more traditional men's clothes, you can maintain an overall masculine impression. For example, you could wear a lace shirt under a leather jacket or a military jacket.


Please create an English prompt to fit the following Midjourney template.
A detailed image of [Subject] [doing something interesting] during [time of day], taken with a [type of camera], using [type of lens] with cinematic lighting --ar 16:9 --s 1000 --v 5


Prompt: "A detailed image of a masculine figure, the focus on him wearing a black lace shirt with a square cut and a straight-line design. A dark-colored, oversized leather jacket casually draped over his shoulders, and he's in straight-cut, dark denim jeans. His feet are in large, rugged leather boots and a simple, large metal necklace adorns his neck. The image is taken during the day, with a DSLR camera, using a wide-angle lens, and cinematic lighting."
Generated Image:

I see. We have a men's lace material. But... I wonder if I'm the only one who wants a little more surprise? I think I'd like to change the texture.

Contemporary Lace; Close-ups


What prompts are there for making a contemporary lace material?


When creating a prompt to explain contemporary lace material to an image-generating AI, it is effective to consider the following elements:
  1. Lace Design: The design of the lace itself may contain modern elements, potentially creating an overall contemporary image. For example, adopting abstract patterns or modern designs on lace, instead of traditional floral or geometric patterns.
  2. Combination of Lace and Other Materials: You can create a contemporary image by combining lace with modern materials and designs. For instance, it's possible to use lace combined with modern materials such as metal, glass, or plastic.
  3. Lace Color: Adopting brightly colored or neon-colored lace, instead of traditional white or cream lace, can give a contemporary impression.
Considering these elements, here is one example:
"A detailed image of a piece of contemporary lace fabric. The lace features an abstract, geometric pattern and is rendered in a bright neon color. It is juxtaposed with modern materials such as sleek metal or clear glass. The image is taken in a well-lit, minimalist setting with a DSLR camera using a macro lens."
Generated Image:

That's great! A futuristic lace material! Then, let's create a scene where multiple people are wearing it!

Contemporary Lace; Wear


Below is an example of a prompt for a scene with multiple models wearing it. Please adjust this to a scene where multiple models are wearing the above lace material.

multiple models posing for photos in colorful and pastel outfits, in the style of the stars art group, fragmented designs, light purple and pink, dimensional multilayering, poodlepunk, school of london, delicate --s 750 --v 5


"Multiple models posing for photos, each dressed in outfits that incorporate abstract, geometrically patterned lace designs. The lace patterns, rendered in a mix of light purples, pinks, and neon accents, add a modern and edgy twist to the traditional material. The outfits showcase a layered style, with a subtle hint of rebellion and delicate charm inherent to the lace material. --s 750 --v 5"

Generated Image:

We're getting there! But I'm a little concerned about the skin showing through... And I'm starting to think that it doesn't even have to be in the shape of a shirt.

Contemporary Lace that Doesn't Show Skin


I don't want the skin to show through the lace. What methods are there?


While lace, by its nature, may reveal the skin underneath, there are several ways to prevent this:
  1. Lining: Attaching other fabrics as a lining to the back of the lace can prevent the skin from showing through. This fabric can be the same color as the lace or provide contrast, depending on the design.
  2. Layering: Wearing another item under the lace item can prevent a see-through effect. For example, you can wear a tank top or camisole under a lace shirt.
"Multiple models posing for photos, each dressed in outfits that incorporate abstract, geometrically patterned lace designs, with the lace layered over opaque lining or paired with coordinated undergarments. The lace patterns, rendered in a mix of light purples, pinks, and neon accents, add a modern and edgy twist to the traditional material. The layered style demonstrates a careful balance between revealing and concealing, embodying a subtle hint of rebellion and delicate charm inherent to the lace material. --s 750 --v 5"

Generated Image:

This is innovative! I didn't even consider using lace as a jacket.


We used Midjourney's remastering function to upgrade from V5 to V5.1.

The look has become quite futuristic, with a bit of a Spiderman vibe...

Image Editing with Photoshop's AI

Lastly, I used Photoshop's newly introduced AI generation feature to change the background.

I auto-selected the subjects, inverted the selection, and used "Generative Fill" on the background.

There are some areas, like the shoes and head, that feel a bit off, but we'll leave it at this for now.

Concept and Story:

Finally, I would like to create a concept and story by reverse-engineering from this prompt.


The brand "Interlace" symbolizes the brand's philosophy of reinterpreting traditional lace materials with a modern sensibility, offering a new men's fashion that respects diversity and individuality. Interlace seeks a balance between tradition and innovation, individuality and universality, masculinity and delicacy, and offers freedom of self-expression through fashion.


"Interlace" was established by a founder who grew up in his grandmother's lace workshop. By reinterpreting traditional lace in a modern way and innovatively incorporating it into men's wear, it pursues the possibilities of new men's fashion. Initially, it was viewed with skepticism, but now its avant-garde collection resonates with the values of modern society seeking diversity and freedom of self-expression, sparking a new wave in fashion.

ChatGPT, with its talent for creation, has decided on both the story and the brand name!

In this way, even if you don't know about fashion, you can create images through dialogue with ChatGPT, modify them based on what you felt when you looked at those images, and even create a collective photo of the brand.

What's important is that the act of deciding and feeling is something only humans can do.

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