Introducing Unique Characters of 'accelerando.Ai', Brought to Life by MaisonAI Powered by ChatGPT and ZEPETO

Introducing Unique Characters of 'accelerando.Ai', Brought to Life by MaisonAI Powered by ChatGPT and ZEPETO


This is Tanami from the CG Team.

Recently, we released ZEPETO wearables from one of the Open Fashion projects, "accelerando.Ai".

"accelerando.Ai" is a native AI brand offered by "OpenFashion", born from a collaboration between AI and humans. The production of ZEPETO wearables is introduced in this blog post.

This time, I used Chat GPT4 to create the official avatar for "accelerando.Ai". I will talk about the background of this process.


We needed a creative director for "accelerando.Ai"

In the course of generating images of clothing that match the concept of "accelerando.Ai" at Midjourney, I ended up creating the official character for ZEPETO.

Having had no such experience before, I thought to myself, "I wish we had a creative director for accelerando.Ai". I remembered hearing that we could create a specialist using MaisonAI (Chat GPT4) and decided to give it a try.


"Please become the creative director"

These were the first words I said to Chat GPT4.

Looking back now, it's interesting to see that I was "asking" it.

"Wow, that's amazing. Somehow, I feel reassured."

I felt this way reading the proposal and continued to consult further.


During the series of proposals, I realized how crucial the "concept and vision" were.


  1. "Brand concept" of "intermingling"
  2. "Vision"
  3. "Brand aesthetics"


These three aspects became clear in my mind as I interacted.

In addition, at "accelerando.Ai", they also suggested "what kind of silhouette and what kind of material would be good for clothes," which helped guide the image generation process. We made it clear what kind of brand "accelerando.Ai" is so that everyone on the team could understand.


Character Settings for ZEPETO

Once I had a better grasp of the brand's image, I asked, "I will create an avatar in ZEPETO. Please set up a female and a male character."

The proposed ideas were as follows:

Female Avatar:

Name: Astra

  1. Appearance: She has a futuristic and refined appearance.She is characterized by her glossy silver skin and holographic hair color. Her eyes emit a sparkle that reminds you of stars.
  2. Style: She prefers fashion with geometric designs and clean lines. She often uses materials with transparency and reflectivity, choosing designs that make her seem to emit light herself.
  3. Personality: She is an adventurous, curious, and freedom-loving character. She expresses herself as an interstellar artist and enjoys pursuing new experiences.

Male Avatar:

Name: Orion

  1. Appearance: He has a futuristic visual, but also exudes strength and elegance. He is characterized by his deep blue skin and black hair that sparkles like a starry sky.
  2. Style: His style is bold, preferring clothing with sharp lines and fluid shapes. His clothes use metallic materials and lighting effects, selecting designs that make him shine like a star.
  3. Personality: He has a profound, intellectual, and calm character. He sees himself as an adventurer traveling the Milky Way, always seeking new knowledge and experiences.


"Hmm, I sort of get it."

Interestingly, some of the styles proposed matched what I had imagined. For the female avatar's name, I chose "Nova" from several options they provided.

The "appearance, style, and personality" were adopted from the suggestions, and I chose the points that formed the image from the facial parts in ZEPETO.


Let's actually set up what I felt from the proposal.

Looking at the proposal, an image came to mind. To get close to that, I chose parts like faces and hairstyles in ZEPETO.

In ZEPETO, you can further customize the selected facial parts.

Nova: Let's lift the corners of the eyes a little. Let's make the hair pink. Let's lift the bangs.

Orion: Let's make the eye color blue. Let's make the hair black. Let's have a parted hairstyle.

We set it up while having fun.

And here is the result.


The character with silver hair was set up in ZEPETO to resemble the person in the image generated by Midjourney below. The name remained "Silver".

Since I had been using it like a partner, I also asked for a proposal for the name of this creative director, which was decided as "Evelyn".


After that, I also created "Evelyn", the creative director of "accelerando.Ai", in "MaisonAI", which is under development in "OpenFashion".

I wanted to prepare a profile picture, so I asked for a proposal for "Evelyn"'s appearance and chose the image above.

From "Evelyn", which only I could use, it became "Evelyn", whom anyone in the team could consult, and I also asked for proposals for the names of the releases and the management method of ZEPETO. During meetings, other people started using "Evelyn".


In summary,

I had a summary of my conversations with "Evelyn" so far. The bold is what "Evelyn" has decided. It's amazing when you look at it again.

  1. Brand name: "accelerando.Ai"
  2. Brand concept: The fusion of AI and human creativity, the intersection of physical entities and digital illusions, and the unique world that emerges from their bond are attractive.
  3. Brand vision: Use unique patterns and designs generated by AI, and express them in 3D CG. Ultimately aiming to make physical clothes.
  4. Brand aesthetics: Futuristic, bold, and sophisticated design with clean lines and innovative materials. Shapes and patterns are generated by AI, and they cooperate as a whole.
  5. ZEPETO avatar: Created male "Orion" and female "Nova".
  6. Product names: "Aurora Flux Suit" (black and green pantsuit), "Glimmer Suits" (futuristic silver suit), "Pink Matrix Outfit" (pink jacket and mini dress setup)
  7. Creative Director's Name: "Evelyn"
  8. "Evelyn"'s appearance: Simple makeup ・ Short hair ・ Unique accessories incorporating virtual elements ・ Unique shaped headpiece ・ Style not confined by gender ・ Neutral color palette
  9. How to operate the ZEPETO account: Regularly share new product information and brand stories, and actively collaborate with other accounts. Emphasize communication with followers.



I think it's really amazing that the AI understands "accelerando.Ai" and proposes. The biggest surprise was that it understood the instructions I gave, not just the decisions. I think that's the difference from search.

And with "Evelyn", things that I couldn't decide on my own, like "kind of like this", became "suggest and choose" style, and progress was faster. I don't think I could have done it alone in the first place. If I had consulted with a real creative director, it would have cost quite a bit, wouldn't it?

Also, what I felt while using it was that it is still better to have a step-by-step dialogue to get the proposal you are looking for.

I have learned my own way of using it, so I can't work without AI anymore.

I will continue to play wearing the wear released by this character in the future. I would be happy if ZEPETO users and those who are interested could look at it while thinking that it is a character born in collaboration with AI.

Please tag and post a lot.



[accelerando.Ai] ZEPETO official account


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