Maison AI: Creating Advertising Images Using AI Agents and Image Generation

Maison AI: Creating Advertising Images Using AI Agents and Image Generation


AAs AI technology continues to evolve, its use in advertising is becoming a game-changer. Common applications of AI in advertising often involve SEO and copy optimization, but what about creative production? Creative production is a field that constantly demands new ideas, but traditional processes for brainstorming and material creation are time-consuming and labor-intensive.
This article reports on the integration and testing of Maison AI in the workflow, revolutionizing the process and enhancing creative minds to a higher level.

Creating an Instagram Ad with Maison AI

In this project, we utilized two features of Maison AI, "AI Agent" and "Image Generate," to create an Instagram ad for Maison AI. The "AI Agent" acted as a creative director for the ad, gathering essential information and setting skills for concept development, target setting, and catchphrase suggestions. Following this, the "Image Generate" feature rapidly produced visuals based on the AI Agent's proposals, making the ad creation process efficient.
This article outlines how we used Maison AI to develop both the image and catchphrase for our Instagram ad.

Ad Production Process

  1. Creating an "AI Agent" (Creative Director for MaisonAI Ad)
  2. Consulting the "AI Agent" to create the concept, target audience, and catchphrase
  3. Using the "Image Generate" feature to create creative visuals

1.Creating an "AI Agent"

What is an AI Agent?

An AI Agent in Maison AI is a feature that can propose user-specific suggestions by pre-registering certain personas or target information. It acts not only as an efficient tool for information processing but also as an intelligent advisor that brings out creativity.
For this project, we created an AI Agent named "Maison AI's Advertising Creative Director."

Setting the Role for Maison AI's Advertising Creative Director

In Maison AI, an AI Agent's persona is established and fixed through file attachments and text input. Here, we defined its role as the "Maison AI's Advertising Creative Director," including skills to hold, roles, and providing accurate advice at various stages of the ad production process.

Setting detail

2.Consulting the "AI Agent" to Create Concept, Target, and Catchphrase

In ad production, the AI Agent assists in developing a consistent concept and identifying a clear target audience. Users share their brand vision, and the AI, with its extensive knowledge and inspiration, suggests various concepts. It also utilizes past data to identify the best target audience and generates compelling catchphrases based on the target and concept. The AI then refines these with the creative team to complete an effective ad.

3.Creating Creative Images with the "Image Generate" Feature

Generating Images with Prompts

After finalizing the concept, target audience, and catchphrase, it's time to visualize the message.
For this, image generation prompts need to be created. This step is also facilitated by the AI Agent, which helps develop prompts for image generation that align with the concept.

When you request the AI Agent to create a specific type of image or output it in a certain format, it responds accordingly to your needs.

Next, you input the prompts suggested by the AI Agent into the image generation feature to produce the image.

Human Creative Intervention: Selection and Refinement

While AI provides a wealth of ideas, it isn't perfect. Human intervention is crucial to select images and adjust them to fit the brand's story and emotions. This involves tuning prompts and negative prompts for color tone adjustments, composition tweaks, and enhancing the creative message.

Reviewing Generated Images Against Concept and Target

Finally, the creative team assesses whether the generated images align with the intended concept and target, balancing both to finalize the ad materials.
This step represents a new realm of creativity fostered by the coexistence of technology and humanity. Maison AI elevates ad production beyond mere image generation, enhancing every stage of the creative process through collaboration with humans.

The final step is to overlay the completed image with Maison AI's icon, catchphrase, and other elements to complete it!


Enhancing Efficiency and Creative Results
The implementation of Maison AI has made the ad production process more efficient, significantly accelerating idea conceptualization, visual production, and catchphrase creation.

Creative Production with AI and Human Collaboration
Using Maison AI, we've realized the importance of balancing AI suggestions with human creative direction. As AI technology evolves, it promises to streamline creative processes, combining AI's bold ideas with human emotions and cultural depth to produce superior ads.

This exploration was about creating ad images with Maison AI.
For more information on Maison AI, please visit here.
We encourage everyone to try it out!

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