Maison AI: Three Effective Utilization Methods from the Perspective of GAI Program Participants

Maison AI: Three Effective Utilization Methods from the Perspective of GAI Program Participants


Hello, I'm Kamijo from OpenFashion.

At OpenFashion, we offer the GAI Program, a generative AI seminar and practical workshop, for companies and educational institutions that implement and utilize Maison AI.

In this blog, we will introduce how those who have started practicing generative AI through the GAI Program are utilizing AI in their operations and achieving results post-program.

About the Open Fashion GAI Program

Launched in August 2023, the program has been conducted for over 500 participants, including companies like World Co., Ltd., Moririn Co., Ltd., Narumiya International Corporation, and educational institutions like Bunka Fashion College, Mode Gakuen, Sugino Gakuen, and Oda Fashion College.


Three Effective Utilization Methods of Maison AI

Based on feedback from participants, we introduce three particularly effective ways of utilizing Maison AI.

  1. Automation of Operations through Low-Code/No-Code
  2. Compilation of Reports from Unstructured Reporting
  3. Customer Customization of Emails and Sales Materials


1. Utilization of Automation through Low-Code/No-Code

With Maison AI's support, even those without knowledge can automate business processes using low-code or no-code. This significantly improves operational methods and efficiency across all departments and job types.

Applicable Departments/Job Types: All departments and job types.
Required Skills: Skills in new business design and operation advancement.
Expected Results: Reduction in work time (about halved), acquisition of new skills.
Example: A shoemaker consulted with Maison AI for operational improvement and created an automation program using GAS. This included a spreadsheet input support function and automated reminder emails for overdue tasks. These initiatives halved administrative work and significantly increased efficiency. Even with no experience in VBA or GAS, taking on AI as a partner allowed for the internal creation of business tools that could be utilized by the entire team.

Maison AI's AI agents can be built to be proficient in these skills, enabling tackling unknown specialist fields and even assisting in programming. This allows for challenges and skill acquisition while improving operations, even without specialist knowledge.


 2. Utilization in Compiling Reports from Unstructured Reporting

Maison AI facilitates the analysis and reporting of unstructured data such as free-format comments and interview results. This allows for application in diverse departments, including store management and brand administration.

具体的な事例:店舗運営コンサル担当者の方が、店舗運営の覆面調査リサーチ集計結果集計にMaison AIを活用。60店舗に及ぶ膨大な調査結果を、最終レポートとしてまとめるにあたり、評価コメント等 不定形の文章でも効率よく集計でき、作業効率が大幅改善。50%程度時間短縮が可能になった。効率化できたことにより、今後さらに規模が拡大しても運用できる仕組みづくりができた。
Applicable Departments/Job Types: Departments and job types handling data collected in unstructured formats like comments.
Required Skills: No special skills required.
Expected Results: Capable of handling large volumes of data, reducing work time by about 50%.
Example: A store management consultant used Maison AI for survey result compilation of 60 stores. Despite the vast amount of unstructured feedback, Maison AI efficiently compiled the data, cutting work time by half and enabling the creation of scalable operational systems.

By utilizing Maison AI's templates, outputs can be standardized, and analysis of unstructured reports is made possible. Also, integrating evaluation metrics and evaluator characteristics into AI agents allows for multifaceted evaluations that leverage both AI and human perspectives.


3. Utilization in Customer Customization of Emails and Sales Materials

Maison AI enables easy and high-quality optimization of customer and corporate-oriented emails and sales materials. This feature is suited for all departments and job types involved in customer service and sales using emails and PowerPoint.

Applicable Departments/Job Types: Customer service and sales-related departments and job types using emails and PowerPoint.
Required Skills: No special skills required.
Expected Results: Updating existing templates and materials, stabilizing quality.
Example: A corporate customer sales representative used Maison AI for creating individualized proposal materials for clients. Additionally, using it for brainstorming customer issues allowed for easy proposal of improvement ideas. It enabled the creation of client-specific materials in a short time, smoothing sales approaches and communication.

Maison AI allows for the enhancement of existing materials by inputting customer profiles, issues, and points sales representatives want to emphasize, thus facilitating efficient proposals tailored to customer needs and improving sales results. 


We have introduced three effective ways to utilize Maison AI.
These examples demonstrate how the use of AI technology can drastically improve operational efficiency and produce high-quality results.

We plan to detail how Maison AI is specifically operated and used in a future blog post.

In the fashion and creative industries, there are various professions, each with its own unique applications of generative AI being developed daily. At OpenFashion, we aim to support your business's further success by providing knowledge and opportunities for AI utilization.

We hope these examples will inspire our readers to consider the use of AI technology, leading to the discovery of new possibilities.

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