Unlimited Possibilities: Navigating to the Brands and Their Worlds inside 'VRChat'

Unlimited Possibilities: Navigating to the Brands and Their Worlds inside 'VRChat'

Hello, I'm Sasaki, an intern.

The 'Metaverse' is rapidly growing, and 'VRChat,' known as one of its leading platforms, is becoming increasingly popular. Many might have heard the name but don't fully understand what it entails. Let's start with a brief explanation of the Metaverse and its worlds.


What is the 'Metaverse'?

The Metaverse refers to a 'virtual space built on the internet,' similar to the real world with various buildings. Users can explore this space freely using their avatars, donning their choice of clothes, shoes, hats, and other items, and communicate with other users.

What is a 'World'?

In the Metaverse, a 'World' is a space where avatars can gather. Users with 3DCG skills can even create their own.


Conducting a Survey

As a fashion university student, I asked my Gen Z friends if they knew about the Metaverse.
Out of 19 who were familiar with the term 'Metaverse,' I conducted a survey.

Many expressed interest but had never played or purchased items in the Metaverse.

Thus, I'll introduce 'VRChat,' representative of the Metaverse, along with Japanese fashion brands active within it and my experience playing it.


Exploring VRChat

The brand I'll introduce today operates in both VRChat and the real world.

↑This is the avatar used for this exploration.





The first brand that came to mind for Metaverse fashion was 'chloma.'

I visited the 'chloma' World within VRChat.


How to Get to 'chloma' World

Type 'chloma' in the search box,


and click 'join.'

You will then enter the 'chloma' World.

The world consists of two spaces, and in one of them, you will find chloma's virtual wear on display.

chloma operates as a physical brand as well, but the clothes displayed here are exclusive to the virtual realm.

In this World, you can only view the exhibits; trying on or purchasing is not available.

When I first saw 'chloma's clothes, I was struck by their sophisticated futuristic coolness and gentle, feminine cuteness—a genre previously not prominent in mainstream trends, which might infiltrate them as VRChat evolves.

If 'chloma' piqued your interest, check out their official online shop.

chloma (Official Online Shop)



'HATRA,' established in 2010 by designer Yasusuke Nagami, is a unisex wear label. It focuses on cozy 'room'-themed clothing, primarily hoodies.

On VRChat, 'HATRA' collaborates with the Metaverse fashion brand 'YOYOGI MORI' to present 'NINE HATRA.'

I also visited the 'NINE HATRA' Metaverse space!


How to Get to NINE HATRA Exhibition

It's within the 'YOYOGI MORI' World. Search for 'YOYOGI MORI,'

or visit their user page and click 'Uploaded Worlds' to find it.

There you will find portals set up to take you to various avatar worlds for "YOYOGI MORI" brands.

Enter the portal on the right after entering the World.

Once you enter the room, you'll find a map on the wall. Teleport to the light blue square on the map closest to "HATRA's" room (upper left on the map).

After being teleported, proceed to the room labeled "NINE HATRA."

Going down the stairs...

Inside, you'll find clothes displayed on models in a dim, quiet space with a view of planets outside the window—quite fantastical.


When you step outside, you'll find "HATRA's" exhibition space surrounded by other brands presented by "YOYOGI MORI."

'HATRA' seems to be selling avatars as well as clothes.

I believe 'HATRA' is currently the most dynamic and skilled brand in Japan's virtual/digital fashion scene. Designer Nagami is actively involved, having published a book on fashion 3D modeling and recently held a pop-up store at Shibuya PARCO (2023/11/25~12/3), bustling with customers even late on the final day. I'm excited about the future of 'HATRA,' thriving in both virtual and real worlds.

HATRA (Official Website)

YOYOGI MORI (Official Website)

NINE HATRA (VRChat Wear Sales)




ANREALAGE, established in 2003 by designer Kunihiko Morinaga, is a fashion brand known for innovation.

In 2022, they collaborated with director Mamoru Hosoda's 'Belle,' creating the avatar 'Bell's' dress.

(Image credit: Mamoru Hosoda (2021). Belle. https://ryu-to-sobakasu-no-hime.jp/)

ANREALAGE's digital wear was auctioned off as NFTs, fetching a total of 50 million yen.

Besides VRChat, ANREALAGE's digital wear is also featured in 'ZEPETO' from South Korea and the youth-favorite 'Roblox' from the USA.



Unlike the two brands mentioned earlier, ANREALAGE doesn't have its own world. However, it has made a significant impact in the fashion capitals like Paris, showcasing stunning collections. As the Metaverse and virtual worlds continue to evolve, ANREALAGE is likely to exhibit its design prowess in both the real and virtual realms.


Things to Keep in Mind

When enjoying fashion in VRChat, it's important to check whether your avatar is compatible with the wear you're interested in.

Unlike ZEPETO, where all available wears can be dressed on your avatar, VRChat does not always allow this.

If the wear is not compatible with your avatar, you generally can't wear it. Make sure to check the compatible avatar types before making any purchases.


Extra Edition: accelerando.Ai (ZEPETO) 

Our company, OpenFashion Corporation, also operates a fashion brand in the Metaverse, known as 'accelerando.Ai.' It is active on ZEPETO, which boasts about 300 million players worldwide, particularly in Asia.

In this brand, we regularly conduct design contests using AI-generated images, and the winning designs are then created into 3DCG items.


accelerando.Ai  (Official Website)



I have introduced brands that are active in VRChat.

Designs that might not be feasible in the real world can be enjoyed as fashion in the virtual and Metaverse worlds.

The evolution of the Metaverse is rapid, and not just limited to VRChat; various brands are likely to emerge in the future. The market potential of virtual fashion and the asset value of blockchain technology are also garnering attention. Why not take this opportunity to delve into the world of virtual fashion?

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