[ZEPETO: October Release Items] Green Explorer

[ZEPETO: October Release Items] Green Explorer



Recently, we released a new item. In this blog post, I'd like to briefly introduce the creative process behind this piece of wear.


Check out the item here ↓

Wear: Green Explorer


Theme and Design

Futuristic botanist

This wear was chosen as part of an internal contest to design clothing that matched a pre-decided bag.


The theme of this item, "Futuristic Botanist", beautifully represents the fusion of the future and nature. It feels as though it offers new possibilities for sustainable fashion in the future.

Note: A blog about the bag was also recently published, so please check that out as well.


Regarding the Design

Considering designs we've previously released, we brainstormed several ideas to introduce variation in our items. 

To differentiate from existing items, we bravely shortened the length, transitioning to a more active design impression.

Given that coexistence with plants was an overarching theme, we started designing with organic plant-like lines in mind for the transition points.

The vines around the elbow, meant to seamlessly integrate with the arm, were intricately designed using the same material as the wear, among other tweaks.


Here is the ZEPETO model we created this time.


Key Points of This Creation

Plant Creation Method

For the leaves on the pants and the vines growing from the arm, we employed a node-based modeling called "Geometry Nodes".

With this method, once the growth direction of the vines is set, adjusting elements like the number and direction of leaves becomes very straightforward.



Symmetrical Modeling

When importing into Blender, we ensured it was adjusted for symmetry. This step helps reduce the time needed for model adjustments and resizing for ZEPETO models later on. 

This model, having a seamless central part, was created using a Cube object, half-deleted with Boolean operations, and then mirrored symmetrically.


Avoiding Spatial Issues with the Body

Although the item is shaped like pants, the flared design might reveal the inside when the avatar raises its leg.

A common solution is to have the character wear inner clothing. However, this time we extended the mesh inwards, creating a surface.

This ensures no part beyond the surface is visible from any angle, eliminating the need to craft an inner layer.


Another benefit of this approach is the increased area where masking can be applied.

The same technique was employed on the arm section, allowing for masking inside the surface.


This post introduced the theme and key creation points of our newly released wear.

I hope you found it interesting to see how we craft these items.

I encourage everyone to enjoy and experiment with this new item, creating fresh styles.

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