[ZEPETO: October Release Items] GreenBreathe Helmet

[ZEPETO: October Release Items] GreenBreathe Helmet


Recently, we released a new item from accelerando on Zepeto.

Item below↓
Headpiece: GreenBreathe Helmet

In this blog, I would like to explain the production process of this headpiece.



The helmet, which was coincidentally coordinated with the AI image of "Green Explorer", had a high affinity with the concept of the "Ecoplant bag".
With that in mind, we decided to create them together. We envisioned the helmet as an alternative to oxygen tanks, allowing the wearer to breathe.
Note: A blog about the "Ecoplant bag" was also published recently. Please take a look at that as well.

Model Generation Using Kaedim

We attempted to replace the transparent sections using Stable Diffusion and uploaded it to Kaedim. However, an alert indicated that images containing humans and plants were not allowed, preventing the model's creation.

After eliminating the facial components in the image and reloading it, the generated model looked as follows.

Although we originally planned to refine and utilize the model from Kaedim, it had some distortions.
Making it perfectly symmetrical seemed time-consuming, so we decided to create the model from scratch while using Kaedim's model as a reference.

Design Proposal

Using the Kaedim model as a reference, we finalized the design.

The model didn't have the leaf parts, so we incorporated them into the design by drawing them on the image.

Here is the model we created.

Creating the Plant Section

For the plant parts, we utilized the geometry nodes in Blender, designating the curves.
As these are generated automatically, we had to adjust the position of the leaves that went inside the helmet section.

Here's how it looks when worn by a ZEPETO avatar.


To last

During the production flow, we created a high-polygon model before finalizing the ZEPETO model, and used a different avatar's head for reference.
As a result, we made significant shape modifications to fit the proportions of ZEPETO.
Throughout the creation process, we also ensured the design balanced well with the avatar's face, checking frequently with the face displayed.

We will continue to improve our workflow and look forward to releasing new items in the future. Please stay tuned!

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