Creating a Lookbook for the 'accrelando.Ai' Brand with Midjourney!

Creating a Lookbook for the 'accrelando.Ai' Brand with Midjourney!

Hello, it's Sasaki, the intern.

In a previous post, I wrote a blog titled "Creating Fashion Photos for Specific Purposes with Midjourney!." Today, I’ll continue from there, showcasing how we’re actually making a lookbook for the "accelerando.Ai" brand.

We plan to create a 20-30 page lookbook as a team of two.

About the Lookbook

First, let’s talk about what a lookbook is, as it might be a new concept for those not into fashion. A lookbook is somewhat like a photo book or catalog, aiming to convey a brand’s world through visuals.

At OpenFashion Inc., we operate a future fashion brand utilizing generative AI, named "accelerando.Ai." We haven’t made a lookbook before, so this is our first attempt.

About accelerando.Ai

When creating a lookbook, it’s crucial to grasp the brand concept.
For "accelerando.Ai," the core concept is "intersection."

The brand integrates AI and 3DCG, blurring the boundaries between the virtual and real worlds, giving rise to new values in fashion.

Its aesthetic features innovative materials, bold details, and futuristic, sleek lines.

We’ll generate images based on these elements.

Let’s Create

We will use Midjourney, an image generation AI service, to create this lookbook.

We want to tweak the prompts bit by bit, so we’ll be using the "Remix Mode."

Please refer to my previous blog post for detailed instructions on usage.


 Futuristic Clean Lines (Specifying Color)

We started by creating prompts mindful of "innovative materials" and "clean lines," aligning with the "accelerando.Ai" concept.

fashion show of Futuristic, curved, mirror, soft

Interesting and cute outfits made from intriguing materials and curved lines were generated. Particularly, the item at the bottom left embodies the clean lines and innovative materials "accelerando.Ai" seeks.

Now, let’s try changing the colors.

fashion show of Futuristic, curved, mirror, soft green


fashion show of Futuristic, curved, mirror, pink gold

The designs remain consistent, with only the colors changing. All are lovely, but we’ll choose those aligning closely with the "accelerando.Ai" image.

If you only want to change the color, it’s advisable to specify this at the end of the prompt to avoid influencing the overall image creation (although it was not an issue this time).


Unique and Bold Details (Specifying Angle and Pose)

Next, focusing on "bold details," we added "Unique Detail" to the prompt and generated images.

Unique details, virtual fashion,Near future,Curvilinear details

The generated designs, seemingly hard to replicate in the real world, are stunning. However, since only the upper body is visible and the overall look is unclear, we added to the prompt.

full-body photo ,Unique details, virtual fashion,Near future,Curvilinear details

This yielded a full-body photo without compromising the atmosphere.

Next, we’ll add pose specifications.

one model is sitting,Unique details, virtual fashion,Near future,Curvilinear details ,simple background,Full-body photograph

The atmosphere shifted slightly, resonating with contemporary real clothes and "accelerando.Ai’s" neo-mode line. A logo recognizable as a company's appeared on the laptop in the bottom right image, warranting attention.

Seeking a futuristic ambiance, we specified,

Inside a spaceship of the future ,Unique details, virtual fashion,Near future,Curvilinear details ,she is sitting

Personally, I find the resulting image cool. By adjusting and adding to the prompts gradually, you can shift the scenario. It’s a challenge to decide which to choose.


Segmenting by Themes

Having generated images in accordance with the "accelerando.Ai" concept thus far, we realized we could categorize the design features into several themes. Hence, we established four themes and generated images to drastically alter the aesthetics accordingly.

We settled on the following four themes:

  1. curvilinear – designs based on curves
  2. rectilinear – designs characterized by straight lines
  3. digital material – materials unique to the digital domain
  4. neo mode – a fresh, modern style

We also sought proposals for brief explanatory texts aligned with these themes from the "accelerando.Ai Creative Director AI Agent" at "MaisonAI." The texts, as shown in the following images, are placed beneath the titles. 


Selecting the Cover

The selection of the cover image, being a most crucial part, is up next.
We sought an image that simply yet stylishly embodied the "accelerando.Ai" concept. We chose a hyper-realistic, high-resolution image that looks like a photo, featuring a model in a novel outfit made of an indiscernible, innovative material.

Front photo, extreme close-up. Fashion model wearing dress, unique details, innovative materials, enveloping proportions, near future, rectilinear details, simple background, hyper-realistic, high-resolution 16k, and raw style. --ar 16:9



Lining up the generated images to consider their arrangement in the lookbook, factors like visual flow, aesthetics, and consistency when flipping through the pages become prominent. Some images, though stunning individually, might not transition well within the book. Since two of us were generating images, harmonizing slightly different worldviews into a cohesive whole was challenging.

Yet, one of the merits of AI image generation is the ease of tweaking prompts for re-generation. Initially, the image under the "digital material" theme felt a bit too sensual for "accelerando.Ai," but adding "High fashion photography" at the beginning of the prompt yielded the image on the right.

Left Image Prompt:
Model wearing a shift dress made of holographic material. The dress is clear and functional beauty. In a fantastic atmosphere. Combines futuristic details. --s 250 --style raw --v 5.2

Right Image Prompt:
High fashion photography, Model wearing a shift dress made of holographic material. The dress is clear and functional beauty. In a fantastic atmosphere. Combines futuristic details. --s 250 --style raw

We thus conducted re-generation to attain a cohesive lookbook.

"accelerando.Ai" values community collaboration. We hold contests, and the winning generated images determine the items to be produced in ZEPETO. We have included the contest's winning works in the end.



The completed lookbook is accessible through the URL below.

Please view it from accelerando.Ai lookbook#1.pdf

URL⇒ accelerando.Ai" Look Book



In this endeavor, while being conscious of a singular brand concept, we generated multiple images, subtly shifting themes within. Confronted with the evolving question of what exactly defines "accelerando.Ai," uncertainties emerged. Yet, we remained anchored in ensuring beautiful silhouettes and a futuristic, stylish aura.

The brand cherishes community collaborations. With new works emerging from contests, we’re elated if participants can visually grasp the "accelerando.Ai" imagery.

This experience underscored the intricacies of communicating ideas to others, offering invaluable insights.

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